Kamissa Camara: Bridging Worlds and Narratives

January 27, 2024

Ford School Professor Kamissa Camara is a World Economic Forum "Young Global Leader" and an Aliko Dangote Fellow. The Forum called on its YGLs as the world's top representatives from government, civil society, and business gathered in Davos, Switzerland for its Annual Meeting. It wrote, "In a global community that places growing emphasis on inclusivity and diversity, the active engagement of young leaders from diverse economies and societies nurtures trust in the belief that distinct voices are not only embraced but actively sought after."

Camara, a native of Mali, "represents a bridge between her homeland and the global stage with unique vantage points, influenced by experiences in different cultural contexts, enrich the conversation," it wrote.

She reflected on her role: “My first experience at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting was as a young Foreign Minister, fresh with ideas and aspirations. Now, I return as an Aliko Dangote Fellow, equipped with a wealth of experience in governance, politics, and crisis management. My journey from a member of the African diaspora to a leader in Mali and now a participant at Davos mirrors the multifaceted narratives of African diaspora leaders who return to their roots, contributing significantly to their home countries.”

“My role at Davos is not to represent Mali but to voice the collective experiences and aspirations of the African diaspora. It is an opportunity to showcase how those of us who have lived and worked abroad bring back diverse perspectives and innovative solutions that can drive change in our home countries.”

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