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Our great DipLab team is now working on a set of recommendations for the State Department that could influence China to cooperate more closely with the United States in stemming illegal drugs and chemical precursors from China to the US."

Ambassador (ret.) Melvyn Levitsky, Professor of International Policy and Practice


    • The Role of the Press in Covering PRC Investments' Impact on Human Rights, Mara Ostfeld, Center for Political Studies and the Ford School
    • Video Oral History of the Early Days of the Embassy of North Macedonia, Melvyn Levitsky, Ford School
    • Disinformation in Conflict Environments, Megan A. Stewart, Ford School
    • Responsible Humanitarianism: Assessing the Impact of Accountability to Affected Persons (AAP) Efforts on Humanitarian Program Effectiveness and Efficiency, Christopher J Fariss, Political Science Department
    • Drive International Study in Saudi Arabia, Donald J. Peurach; School of Education

    • Examining Online Gender-Based Violence: Typologies and Impacts, Dr. Debotri Dhar, LS&A
    • Will I get a fair trial in Latin America? Assessing inclusion, equity, and accessibility in the criminal legal systems of the Western Hemisphere, Dr. Amy Beck-Harris, Ford School
    • Mapping Iceland's Arctic Economy, Dr. Mitchell Dudley, Department of Economics
    • How Do Local Circumstances Shape Best Rehabilitation and Reintegration Practices? Dr. Greta Uehling, LS&A

    • Supporting ArcGIS Mapping Efforts and Evacuation/Crisis Planning at Embassy Beirut, Alton Worthington, Ford School
    • Analyzing cultural and educational influence of the PRC in Chile, Ambassador Melvyn Levitsky, Ford School
    • Forced Labor in Xinjiang and its Impact on the Global Solar Supply Chain, Office Office of Energy Diplomacy, Professor Ann Lin
    • Advancing the U.S. and Japan's Shared Climate Goals in Northern Japan, What is the Role of the U.S.? Ambassador Susan Page
    • Human Trafficking Country Profiles, Ambassador Lou De Baca

    • Botswanan and Namibian public attitudes towards solar power, Omolade Adunbi, Department of Afroamerican and African Studies 
    • Mapping Chinese Overseas Precursor Chemical Manufacturing, Ambassador Melvyn Levitsky, Ford School
    • Bringing Women to the Table - Meaningful Participation of Women as Negotiators in Situations of Conflict, John Ciorciari, Ford School
    • Planning to Prevent Conflict and Promote Stability: Embracing a Strategic, Whole-of-Government Approach, Javed Ali, Ford School

    • Gaming our way out of a Crisis: A simulation-based approach towards a peaceful democratic transition in Venezuela, Javed Ali, Ford School
    • The Effects of COVID-19 Lockdowns on Gender-Based Violence Incidences in Latin America, Natasha Pilkauskas, Ford School
    • Where are the U.S. Citizens? GIS Maps Visualizing the Diaspora in Mexico, Jon Hanson, Ford School

    • Who is spreading Disinformation in Sub-Saharan Africa? John Ciorciari, Ford School
    • Analyzing Existing Laws on Money Laundering in the Western Hemisphere, Kathryn Dominguez, Economics & Ford School
    • Space Exploration: Space Diplomacy Framework, Kristina Daugirdas and Monica Hakimi, Law School
    • China’s Domestic Drug Problems, Ambassador Melvyn Levitsky, Ford School
    • Locked Up Abroad: the responses and strategies of advocates for hostages and detainees, Javed Ali, Ford School

Student impact

Justine D'Souza (MPP/MSW'23)

"This project showed me the importance of lived experience and how expertise comes from more than only quantitative and technical capacities. As an individual, some of the most important skills I brought to the team were my years of experience working in human services and advocating against gender-based violence."

Student impact

Brett Bolog (BA'22)

"The State Department Diplomacy Lab not only gave me insight into a specific issue facing Latin America, but it gave me experience engaging stakeholders, making policy recommendations, and understanding foreign policy perspectives from a range of international actors. This program excelled at taking what I learned from the classroom and putting it into practice, so that I could complete a meaningful project that will benefit our State Department officials."