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Lou Fintor

Diplomat in Residence - North Central Region

"Virtual" University of Michigan drop-in office hours Tuesdays and Thursdays, 0900-1200 or by appointment. Email DIRNorthCentral@state.gov for scheduling.

Lou Fintor is the Ford School’s 2019-2021 Diplomat in Residence (DIR), a U.S. State Department Foreign Service Officer offering State Department career, internship, and fellowship information.

Learn more about the Diplomat in Residence program and services at US Department of State website and the DOS Diplomat in Residence - North Central Facebook page.

Educational Background

University of Michigan, American University, University of California Berkeley

Professional Affiliations

Tours: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen

Career Track: Public Diplomacy

Years of Service: 23

Prior Experience: Journalism, Public Health

Languages: French, Dari, Hungarian

Interesting Experience: Working with local and international journalists, especially those in conflict zones, provides you with a very different perspective on news and current events. The professional relationships you develop and unique experiences you share lead to lasting friendships.

Last Post: U.S. Embassy Spokesman, Kabul

Why I Chose a Foreign Service Career: An opportunity for public service, be challenged to learn about the world, and make a difference.